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Wine’s Link International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8509) is a major wine company based in Hong Kong. Our core business is wine wholesale and retail.

We put our long-standing passion for wine into practice, on the one hand by sourcing the finest quality of wine worldwide and offering first-class service to our customers. We have strong background on sourcing premium fine wine, particularly we have close relationship with négotiants in France. We have diverse range of vintages from classic wine regions. All wines are purchased from trusted source and handled by professional hands. Wine’s Link strive to provide with you ultimate wine experience. Our team is always ready to offer professional wine advice and latest market information. Here you can find hidden gems or rare vintages that are nowhere to be seen in the market.

Our passion for wine makes us a perfect long-term partner in your wine journey.

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Address: 26th Floor, AIA Financial Centre, 712 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel.: 2317 1100
Fax: 2317 1032