Ms. Wong Chi Lou Shirley

Ms. Shirley Wong is an executive director and chief executive officer of the Group. She is one of the founding members since its establishment in March 2008 and is primarily responsible for the overall management, strategic development and major business decision-making of the Group.


Mr. Chan Sze Tung Chester

Mr. Chan Sze Tung Chester is an executive director and compliance officer of the Group. Mr. Chan has also taken a role as a vice president of Project Development since April 2018 and is primarily responsible for overseeing the operations management, strategic planning and various projects aimed for future development of the Group.


  • Our company will continue to expand a sustainable global trade of wine & spirits distribution with representatives who understand the needs of the Wine market and share their passion for Wine.
  • Thus, we will enhance our partnership and chemistry with other industry partners, leading to opportunities for collaboration.
  • Our network of distribution aims to plant the circle relationship in Greater bay China in next few years.
  • Our distribution activities commit to operate under low carbon footprint standard, moving to automatization.
  • Stake in other related investment in wine property management & winery securities and leverage Hong Kong capacities of financing.
  • Additionally, our group envisions to diversify and expand our business in the next decade.